Jim and Lisa Thompson - Owners of Thompson Farms

Thompson Farms of Mound City Mo Inc. is a 5 going on 6 generation farm located north of Mound City in Northwest Missouri. 

In the photo above Lisa and Jim are standing between a pair of Massey tractors. The one on the left is their new "Little Massey" which replaced the one on the right. 

The one on the right is a 1963 Massey 139 Jim obtained from Hazel Wyatt. Cy and Hazel Wyatt owned the farm across the creek from the home place. They farmed together, each having their own "Little Massey".  They had no children and Jim was very close to them growing up. After Cy passed away Hazel said to him "Boy, you're going to buy my  farm". And he did. 


A Brief History of Thompson Farms

Earl Austin Cottier seated on horse circa 1905

Family Roots Run Deep

 Thompson Farms of Mound City, Inc, is located just north of Mound City in Holt and Atchison Counties in NW Missouri. The "home place" where Jim and Lisa reside straddles the Minnesota Branch of Squaw Creek.  

Jim's great great grandfather, Thomas Cottier, immigrated from the Isle of Mann in 1847. He married Minerva Belle Beeler in 1850 and they had 6 children. The 160 acre home place was purchased by Thomas Cottier for his 3rd child, James Curtis Cottier, in 1884.   

James married Flora Alice King in 1881. They built the home pictured above around 1886. They had 7 children. Earl Austin, their youngest, was born in 1899.   

Earl married Virginia Mae Clark in 1920. They had one child, Bette Lu, in 1923. Bette married Harold William "Breezy" Thompson in 1946 and they had one child, James Clark, in 1953.  

"Jim" married Lisa Jeane Drysdale in 1989 and they have one son, Monty James, born in 1990. History 

Photo:  Family home built by James Curtis Cottier 1886.  Earl Austin Cottier seated on horse held by his father James Curtis Cottier circa 1905 


the Farm Today

 Jim has been a farmer all of his life. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Kansas State University and was the first student from Mound City to earn an FFA American Farmer degree.

Lisa was born and raised in the Springfield area of SW Missouri. She has a BS in Conservation and Wildlife Management and a MS in Plant Ecology from Missouri State University. She has worked for various government agencies from local up to the federal level, but most of all loves working on the farm.

Jim and Lisa share a love of wildlife and take pride in improving wildlife habitat on the farm.

Jim's dad, Harold "Breezy" Thompson was a respected stockman and long time National President of Producers Livestock Association. He was an avid hunter and enjoyed taking his grandson, Monty, hunting and fishing. He was an accomplished horseman and was Lisa's mentor and partner in her Quarter Horse business until his death in 2003. 

 Photo: Old barn built Circa 1885 


As it was until october 2001

Over the years, the house was remodeled and although its outside appearance changed, a lot of the old bones were still there, including some out of date wiring.  October 21, 2001, the farm house Jim's great grandfather built was destroyed by fire. Out of this tragedy we were able to build our dream home. We had planned to move in Memorial Day weekend 2003, but sadly, Breezy passed away that same week following a courageous battle with cancer. Although he never got to see the "finished product", occasionally we get a whiff of cigar smoke in the air and feel his presence. We know he watches over us and often picture him smiling that awesome warm smile and giving us a wink and a nod for a job well done. 

Photo: Farmstead Circa 1995 Before the old house burned and before the indoor arena was built. 


Out of the ASHES

Our new home, indoor arena and paddocks on the north side of the road 2011.

Photo: Farmstead winter 2011