Jim's Father, Harold "Breezy" Thompson was an avid horseman. He was an AQHA judge and often performed the duty of ring steward for Larue Sauers at the American Royal and Missouri State Fair. 

At one time Breezy and Larue went to look at a young colt, but neither cared much for him. They had no idea that colt would soon be famous. That colt would soon be known as "Impressive".


Although Jim prefered motorized things to horses, Lisa was horse crazy from the time she was born. When she was 10, her soon to be stepfather, James Rookstool, bought her a horse of her own - a gray grade mare out of a feed lot. He liked horses too and there were many to follow.  When Lisa was 12, he bought a 2-year-old green broke buckskin colt. They learned a lot from each other and developed a very strong bond.  Soon after he bought a mare from Steve Lyons bred to Wayne Engledow's stallion Master Impressive. She had a filly at side - Impressive Lupe - who would be a major influence on Lisa's future breeding progam. 

When Lisa married Jim, Breezy was particularly fond of one of her mares, Lupes Super Gal- the first foal out of Impressive Lupe by the stallion Mr. Super Smooth.

Lisa was unaware that one of Jim's best friends, Del Clement, was the owner of Pretty Buck Zeb or that Zeb was a full brother to Stopper Blue - a Grulla stallion she had always admired in SW Missouri. Steve Wilson who owned Stopper Blue had gone to Veterinary school with Del's brother Jesse. Del's dad, Jack Clement was the breeder of both horses. Although "un-shown", Jack always claimed Zeb was the better of the two. Zeb became the primary stallion for her breeding program for the next 8 years. Coincidentally, Steve Wilson also stood Mr Super Smooth!

After Zeb died Lisa purchased CE Poco Silver LT aka Huckleberry - a grulla line bred Poco Bueno stallion. He was the sire of most of her foals for 5 years. In 2006 she bought Du It aka Champ as a yearling. Champ has sired all of her foals since   2009. 


Our Horses

Our Stallion



  • AQHA Smokey Creme Stallion
  • FQHR 94%.
  • Five Panel tested N/N 
  • Homozygous Black 
  • Approved for APHA and ApHC mares

Our Broodmares


 No matter how good your stallion is, your foal will only be as good as your mare. We have one of the nicest groups of mares around. Each mare has her own web page with her pedigree, information about her, her offspring and photos.

Our Riders


Almost all of our broodmares ride. We rarely start our horses under saddle until the fall of their 2 or 3 year old year or even later. After we start them we give them the rest of the winter off. They all retain what they learn and ride off the next spring with very few issues They  LOVE working cattle. 



We currently have 2 outstanding yearlings by DU IT.  They are halter broken and up to date on farrier, vaccinations and worming.  These two were shown as weanlings. Photo Kitty June 11, 2019

2 Year Olds


We currently have two 2 year olds by DU IT. They are halter broken and up to date on farrier, vaccinations and worming.  Photo Winter 2018 of Du It Up Fancy and Destined to Du It

3 year olds and older.


These horses have been started under saddle and their level of training and experience depends on age.  Photo Butter as a 3 yr old with Steve Lyons, Trainer.